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This is our migrations hub. Our hub has everything you need for the migration in one section. Feel free to explore our help centre for other content. Please continue below for all your migration needs:


Who to reach out to during your migration

It is important that anything specific to your migration that you use the migration email thread started by your account executive that includes success and launch in it. Otherwise you can use this guide to determine who you should speak with. If your question is not specific to your launch, you can check here Who to Contact

Migration Overview

Migration Steps

Please see the full migration overview steps along with action items here: Migration overview

Migration Overview Steps
Please see this article for step-by-step instructions: Migration overview

Step 1: Setting up your Shopify theme
Timeline: 1 week (typically)

1. Our team needs collaborative access to your Shopify store
2. We’ll duplicate your live theme, inject the Skio code on your site, and then ask for your feedback
3. With your approval, we’ll push this theme live and ALL new subscribers will go through Shopify Checkout and process in Skio
4. Make sure to choose your login page and give us feedback if anything needs to be updated

Note: Here is a breakdown of our scope of support for theme work : Theme Work Scope
Migration Overview Steps

Action Items:
1. Share collaborative access with the Skio team
2. Tell your developers to stop making any code changes to your live theme OR let our team know so they are added into the theme we’re working on
3. Choose your new subscriber customer portal login optionProvide the Skio Migrations Team with feedback via email (we will reach out to you)
4. Give your team time to make necessary Shopify Checkout changes (shipping profiles, ERP changes, scripts, discounts, and upsells/cross-sells)
5. Give our Migrations team the green light to publish the theme (NOTE: We will NOT touch your live theme during this period)

Step 2: Migrating your current subscribers
Timeline: 1-2 days (typically)

1. Migrating subscribers MUST occur AFTER your new theme is published (Step 1)
2. Before we get started, our team needs to have a migration day set
3. We must know the following (asked in the migration form):
a.) the platform you’re migrating from
b.) the payment processor(s) you’re using
c.) unique subscription setups (prepaids, “paused” subs, etc)

Action Items:
1. Make sure our team knows your migration day (this is the last step and will also be your official Skio launch day)
2. For your record keeping, make sure you export a subscription, customer, action, and orders
3. If you are migrating from or Braintree, make sure to work with our team to get this process kicked off ASAP since this can add a few days to weeks
4. Review onboarding guides and ensure your team is prepared for launch
5. Once the migration is done, our team will send you a list of subscribers who could not be migrated (subscribers without a valid payment method and those with errors)

Launch Checklist ✅

Are you ready for launch?! Let's make sure you have everything you need for launch day. The Skio Team is here every step of the way to make sure you succeed. Please review the steps below for a successful launch.

The checklist is an overview of all the steps necessary for success. Some steps can be handled after launch day, but please review so you and your team is ready.

  1. New subscribers are coming into Skio 🔀

    1. Make sure our migrations team knows which day we are going to publish your live theme

    2. Before we publish your new theme (don't worry - we'll ALWAYS ask your permission before pushing a theme live), we want your feedback to make sure every page that offers subscriptions looks good

    3. Make sure you choose how subscribers log into Skio --> Logging into Skio

    4. If everything looks good and with your permission, we'll publish our theme (this should look and operate exactly as your current website except with Skio's plan picker added to each PDP, your cart, and checkout)

    5. Once published - new subscribers will now flow into Skio!

    Have questions or concerns?

    Please reach us anytime at You can always reach out to our CX team ( and we'll escalate your email to our migrations team.
  2. Current subscribers are migrated into Skio 🤩

    1. Make sure our team and your team is ready for the day we migrate your current subscribers from your current platform. This should be discussed way in advance (typically in the migration form and via email).

    2. Your current payment process determines the timeline of this step. There maybe some steps you need to do on your end to help migrate the payment tokens of your subscribers
    - Braintree
    - Stripe (no work needed, woohoo!)
    - Shopify Payments (no work needed, woohoo!)

    3. Please communicate with our migrations team so this process does not run into any slowdowns. We will give you helpful nudges if we need to 😀

    4. Before launch day, your new subscribers should already be flowing into Skio. On launch day, we'll migrate all of your subscribers.

    5. Now your store is fully migrated!
  3. Subscriber notifications are setup 📳

    Complete Guides:
    Configuring Skio Notifications (text/email)Sending Notifications Through Klaviyo

    1. If you use Klaviyo - make sure you setup your Klaviyo integration.

    2. Decide which email and SMS notifications you want to send from Skio.

    3. Turn on SkioSMS your subscribers can manage their subscription via SMS. Guide: SkioSMS

    4. Give your team plenty of time to configure notifications. Oftentimes, brands will start with simple notifications and after launch they will build out more elaborate notification flows with an omni-channel strategy (email, sms, and social media).
  4. Skio is fully configured 🗒

    1. Make sure you have explored the Skio Admin and are comfortable with the platform.

    2. Please review our onboarding guides so you understand how to use and setup each feature: Skio Onboarding Guides

    3. The most important requirements for launch are:
    (a) Notifications
    (b) Cancel Flow
    (c) SkioSMS

    1. Make sure all members of your team are looped into the migration process. Every team member should know your launch day, the platform, and have access to this migration hub.

    2. If your team wants an onboarding call or has any specific questions, please reach out to our team. We are here to help every step of the way!

    Make sure your own CX team is ready. Check out our CX team onboarding guide: Onboarding for CX Teams

    Have any questions?
    You can always reach out to our CX team at (or the widget in the bottom right corner).
  5. Skio support 🤗

    We're here to help! Let us know if there's anything we can do to make your experience better.

    Important Emails:

    Skio Support -
    Migrations -
    Success -

Onboarding Guides

The following onboarding guides will walk you through how to setup each important feature in Skio as well as familiarize yourself with the platform's capabilities. Please make sure to read through each guide 🤗

  1. Adding Products
  2. Configuring Skio notifications (text/email)
  3. Klaviyo Integration
  4. Cancel Flow
  5. SkioSMS
  6. Dunning (Failed Payments)
  7. How to Setup Quick Actions
  8. Customer Portal Walkthrough
  9. Onboarding for CX Teams
  10. Account Login Page
  11. Migration Overview


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