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  • What is it?
  • How do I use it?
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Overview (TL;DR)

  • The product performance dashboard include insightful metrics on the performance of each subscription product
  • The metrics in this table are displayed per variant and include:
    • Subscription performance table
    • Subscriptions sales table
    • Subscription Revenue by Products
    • Subscription Quantity by Products
    • Active Subscriptions by Products
    • Active Subscriptions by Intervals
  • This product dashboard includes several filters including:
    • Time filter
    • Product title
    • Variant title
    • SKU

What is it?

The product performance dashboards live within the product performance tab within Skio analytics. The dashboards within this tab provide clear insights into the performance of each subscription product while also empowering brands to find the data they need with date filters, drill ups, and exports.

Date filters are found at the top of each dashboard and can filter the displayed data through both set intervals (ie last 30 days) as well as custom intervals. Additionally, each table in this tab displays daily metrics and clicking the "drill up" button at the top of each table will expand the view (still within the date filter) to greater timelines. After days, drill ups will then provide metrics on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Every table is exportable.

How do I use it?

Within Skio, all dashboards will live within the Analytics tab in Skio admin. The section below includes video tutorials outlining how to use each dashboard.  Please see this doc for a full glossary. Here are the definitions used for each metric found in the scorecards at the top of the page:

  • New active MRR: Monthly recurring revenue from net new subscriptions that are active within the date range
    • Equation: sub price / interval * 30.437 from new subscriptions that are still active within the date range
  • New active revenue/sub: Revenue from active subscriptions divided by total active subscriptions
    • Equation: Active Revenue / Active Subscriptions
  • New active MRR/sub: Average of monthly recurring revenue from each net new active subscription
    • Equation: New Active MRR / New Active Subscriptions
  • 1st sub revenue: Total revenue from the initial checkout orders  
    • Equation: SUM(Revenue) WHERE is_first_sub_order
  • Recurring sub revenue: Total revenue from recurring subscription orders (does not include 1-time add-ons)
    • Equation: SUM(Subtotal Revenue) WHERE is_recurring_sub_order
  • Sub quantity: The total quantity of subscription orders
    • Equation: SUM(quantity) WHERE is_sub_order
  • Sub revenue/unit: Total subscription revenue divided by the total quantity of subscription products in the order
    • Equation: Sub. Revenue / Total product quantity

Video tutorials

Product Filters

Subscription performance by product

Subscription sales performance by product

Pie charts


What are the definitions for the terms used in these dashboards? 

  • Please review our glossary for the terms used in the analytics dashboards: Skio data glossary

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